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British American Tobacco's HNB product vypeen3 has nicotine levels equivalent to cigarettes February 1,2021.

Research: British American Tobacco's HNB product vypeen3 has nicotine levels equivalent to cigarettes

Blue Hole New Consumer Report, December 2 news, according to the latest research, British American Tobacco's HNB product vypeen3 can provide smokers with nicotine similar to standard cigarettes.

BAT said in a statement that if vypeen3 is used alone, it can help smokers avoid many of the risks associated with smoking.

The study compared Vype-epen3 and vypeen2 with combustible cigarettes. The research results show that Vype-ePen-3 is superior to Vype-ePen-2 in terms of nicotine release, and ranks significantly higher in user satisfaction. The affinity score of the new device is almost twice that of its predecessor.

In addition, after using Vype-epen3 (18mg/mL protonated nicotine), the maximum concentration of nicotine in the blood is on average twice that of using Vype-epen2 (18mg/mL unconditioned nicotine).

David O'Reilly, director of scientific research at British American Tobacco, said: "We know that for many smokers, nicotine content is an important factor in the choice of smokers' products, especially when initially switching to harm-reducing products."

"We believe that we have achieved this goal through Vype ePen 3, and hope that through continuous product innovation, we can encourage and help those who would otherwise continue to smoke to switch to lower-risk alternatives, which have already been obtained. Scientifically proven."

This research is part of a comprehensive scientific research program designed to evaluate and verify the possibility of non-combustible products to reduce risks.

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